I am so happy that you swung by my little spot on this vast interweb space. If I could – I would serve you up a plate of food, but since I can’t I’ll do one better – I’ll share my favorite recipes and tips with you right here!

I have had a love affair with food ever since I was a kid and it has evolved into a beautiful relationship with real, unprocessed, whole foods that I want to pass on to you! I would love to share my recipes, my life, and my story with all of you.

In my current state of life – I live in Sacramento, with my wild toddler and incredibly hard working husband.  I eat to fuel my body, I move to stay fluid, and I sit in silence to remember my state of peace deep inside. I feel my best when I spend time outdoors, be it in the garden or out on a hike.

For those of you who know me, it will come as no surprise that this has been a long time coming. I have been studying nutrition, natural health, and a whole umbrella of related things for years now. And so the time has come that I let you in on all of my tricks and tips. Hope you wander over to everything I have to offer!

And I am looking forward to sharing all of these things with you.